Google and their dongle The Chromecast wave

Last Revised: Friday, July 26, 2013


Google unveiled Chromecast few days back web users from around the world seems to be eyeing on it and hope to get their hands on this little stick.

I cant understand why some people here got so hyped up over this particular product.. when they very well know netflix is not available in Singapore. So what can you do with it? stream youtube videos?
You might as well get an Xbox.

But if you are living in a netflix supported country, getting this US$35 dongle is definitely a good deal. Provided you own a HDTV, have a Wi-Fi network, and a smart device.
Why? That is because Google is offering anyone who buys a Chromecast three months free Netflix service, new or existing subscribers. Which brings the cost of dongle down to just US$11.

With such dirt-cheap price is normal for customers to buy in bulk.
If you happen to spot one with a reasonable price, grab it before someone does.
People are marking up the price over at Currently is being sold at 70+ bucks.

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