Top Best Free Blogging Platform for Beginners

Last Revised: Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I remember when I first started my blogging it was 10 over years ago.
Till this day the blogosphere is still expanding. More and more people are blogging and which is why you are here to start your own!

For me, blog is just like a diary and notebook.
I only write down memories that I choose to remember, express my own personal thoughts, useful information and personal experiences.
Some people like to write about their gloomy life while others may blog about serious news..
Basically, you can write just about anything on a blog.

And if you are searching for a free blogging platform then this article is written for you!

These three, in my opinion, are my top recommended blogging sites for beginners. Best of all is! they are free! and they are much less likely to face the shut down threat.

Blogger Logo

1. /

One of the oldest free blogging site around and this is the first site I started my blog with. It was bought over by Google in 2003. Even though blogspot was one of the earlier blogging service it still remains as a popular choice among casual bloggers. Reason because it is super easy for a beginner to pick up.

  • Stable 
  • Monetization with Adsense is a breeze 
  • Lots of tutorial sites available teaching you how to customise your blog design/template 

  • Little source of available plugins 
  • Nothing much you can fiddle with 

Wordpress Logo

One in every six website on the internet is powered by Wordpress. NO doubt it's being crowned as the world's most popular blogging system. However take note that is free hosting while requires a web host.
Although it can be alittle complex to manage a wordpress blog but once you get it going, you'll enjoy the huge library of plugins and add-ons that it offers.

  • Flexible and customizable
  • Huge library of plugins and add-ons 
  • Great for building professional corporate blogs  

  • Too complicated for a beginner to use 
  • To have full advantage of WordPress features you need to be self hosted (
    Which I find that is rather expansive for the overhead expense.  
  • You cant monetize it (free wordpress) 

3. Tumblr

Like microblogging?
Are you a person who likes to post short articles? Then Tumblr is for you! Although you can write lengthy articles but most tumblr users prefer writing short post with images and videos with it.
And is just recently Yahoo bought over Tumblr for $1.1 billion.

  • Super Easy and friendly to use interface  
  • Great platform for sharing visual content especially within the tumbler community  
  • Customizable

  • Suitable for microblogging but not encouraging for long post 
  • Lack of analytical tools   

What are you waiting for? Try out these blogging sites!
Which one to use is purely personal preference.
Feel free to sign up for two or three of them and browse around before settling down to the one you like most.
After all they are free and you should feel comfortable with the platform your are working on.

PS: I like the simplicity of blogger/blogspot - This blog you are reading is currently powered by blogger. 

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