Chef Gordon Ramsay accepts Singapore's Hawker Heroes Challenge

Last Revised: Wednesday, June 26, 2013


In the early June, a cooking challange was issued to Chef Ramsay by SingTel and a group of well known food bloggers in Singapore.

How did all this happen?
Is actually the result of debates among Singapore food bloggers whether or not if Singapore hawkers are Michelin-worthy?

It all stated with an opinion post on HungryGoWhere..
Are Singapore hawkers not Michelin-worthy?
Following.. a few other posts from our Top Food Bloggers in Singapore.
I eat I shoot I post - Can Singapore Hawkers take on Michelin Starred Chefs?
KEROPOKMAN - Are Singapore hawkers not Michelin-worthy?

Unexpectedly the infamous Michelin Starred Chef has accepted the challenge on 24 June and responded in a clip.

So now what?

Now, you get to vote for the top three hawkers who will be taking up the Hawker Heroes challenge.
Voters will stand a chance to win $8,000 worth of HungryGoWhere Dining Cards which can be used at any restaurant that accepts Mastercard.
What are you waiting for? >> Vote Now

Note: Poll will close on 2 July 11.59pm. The top voted hawkers and details of the cook-off challenge will be announced on 3 July.

Can our Singapore’s hawker match up to the standards of the prestigious Michelin guide?
Well.. our fellow hawkers may win the taste test but certainly not the dining experience.
If you had eaten in a food centre before, you'll know that the vibe of a hawker centre is very different from a restaurant.

I am not exactly sure what is real purpose behind this cooking challenge...

Hmm.. Comparing apples and oranges? Because they are fruits?

Share with me your thoughts about this challenge.
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