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Last Revised: Friday, June 14, 2013


Saboteur? Sabotage?

Mr Durian writing a card game review? Are you serious? YES! We played this game throughout the night of my birthday haha and we had great fun!

Yeah. I seldom play games but that doesn't mean I don't play them.. Most games bore me after a while..

But if you are looking for a good casual card game for a group of people, I strongly suggest you getting Saboteur. I got mine from Amazon.
Anyway, this game has been out for quite a while and I have been playing it ever since. Is arguably one of the top rated casual game. Even as a non-gamer, I enjoyed playing this card game very much.

This game revolves around a crew of gold-digging dwarves and the saboteurs.
The good dwarves win when the gold is found . Meanwhile the saboteurs will sabotage the good dwarves from getting to their gold.

Role will be assigned at the start of each round through card picking and will only be disclosed to others when the round ends. Then each players take turns to either lay an action card/path card or discard the card. Each round lasts about 30 minutes or more and each game consist of 3 rounds.

Saboteur Fun Gameplay
Saboteur Gameplay
Is a simple, straight forward game and contains elements of strategic planning. For a beginner, it usually takes less than a single round to master the game.
The more rambunctious a group is the more fun the game play will be. That's when you start seeing accusations arrows flying around in the room.

Is definitely worth the price for a cheap $10+ game with high replay value.
A Must have if you plan on getting one card game that lasts.
Durian Opened by Simon Ooh

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