Ok Google! Google Nose Beta actually works!

Last Revised: Monday, April 1, 2013


Google Nose
Google Nose Beta
Google is testing out their new projects! And is now live on Google~
Check out the latest smell search engine!

The very first instance when I know about this.. Immediately I went to Google nose and did a search on durians ..
Transmitting the Durian Scent
Transmitting the Durian Scent

Unbelievable! Now my room is filled with durian smell..  Oh! there is also adscent Cool! I gotta apply now! Don't know if there is a 6 month criteria for Asian countries this time round.


I wonder what will happen if I were to do a search on the MRT tomorrow?
No durians in MRT stations and trains
No durians in MRT stations and trains

Hey! Hey! Hey! Ok...Sorry If you believed in Mr Durian and start sniffing your PC.. It wont work..
I smell it is because I am a Durian!
Yeah haha.. Google Nose Beta is actually one of the few Google's April Fools Day Prank! :P
Durian Opened by Simon Ooh

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