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Last Revised: Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Who doesn't want to have their wonderful epic moments captured. I do.
Especially when I am a lifestyle blogger

~Pictures of you Pictures of me Hung up on my blog For the world to see~
(This is not Kim Jong Il nor his son looking at things)
This is...
Simon looking at things
Looking at Darth Vader Helmet 
The Grainy Image
The Very Grainy Image 
Some have noticed about the "high resolution" pictures on my blog
Most appear grainy specifically the one on your left :P noisy noisy
Yup They were all taken with camera phones ... pretty sad lah huh.. Cant do much with these images ..

Which is why I need a appropriate camera
However I am hesitant to lug a weighted black camera over my shoulder. (DSLR eeyer orh lulu certainly not for point and shoot) Imagine carrying a block of coal around with you..
It doesn't help in bringing out any character
Hey! We have headphones as fashion accessories so why not a camera!

If you are having the same dilemma as me? I have good news to share with you.. Tada!
Introducing ..

The Mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera (MILC) .This Is latest in thing, perfect for point and shoot, fast auto focus, light weight and capable of producing high quality photos comparable to a DSLR..

And if you like to look stylish I have a camera to recommend.
Among the MILCs Nikon 1 camera is one of which that caught my eyes O.O

Not only they are being featured and presented with red:dot best of the best product design in 2012 and recently this year Nikon 1 J2 had received another prestigious award - the iF product design award 2013!

So here I am going to share with you some wonderful features of this camera and my insights on why this camera is a better choice. Of course if you need to know more about Nikon J2 you can always visit the link I have provided down below.
Further more the Standards must be there as a multiple award winner for the best product design Right!

Looking at Nikon 1 j2 O.O

This little creature is about the fast autofocus  fast shooting..  it can take shots up to 60fps continuously..great for candid shots especially when is small.

FT1 Adapter
FT1 Adapter
Knowing that everyone likes to boast about. interchangeable lenses so why not I too talk about the lenses..
Yeah yeah ..You know. I know. Everybody knows. lenses can be changed and swap around with any Nikon 1 system camera (I doubt anyone with BRAINssss will get two similar cameras Unless you are a zombie?)

However I find not many people mentioned about the F mount adapter Nikon has.. Yup you can stick on F mount Nikkor lenses!
Which means Nikon 1 J2 have the capability to do serious photography if you decided to go pro. You'll get the benefits of having a wider range of lens selection. Nice eh!

Look Even Mr Durain likes it
Next No.1 feature I personally like is non other than the design.. putting aside the fact that is small and light weight. I love the minimalistic look. A simple and clean design..  making it easy to mix and match with your fashion accessories. eg. your watch, necklace, earrings.... how can I not mention headphones lol

And what's even better? Nikon 1 J2 comes in six colours!

Colours for everyone 
Most camera at most only have four colours but they have six!
Six different colours Time to show off your attitude with these camera.
Time to throw away or give me your boring coloured camera lolz.. just jk..

I like the orange one. How about you which coloured camera will you get
A little splash of orange made me go funky
I am already starting to imagine myself holding the juicy orange Nikon 1 J2
see :D so happy.. I wonder why lolz..

Wish all of you A Happy Chinese New Year and happy valentines! Lets make this a joyful year!

Are Feeling funky enough to start off the joyous new year

Bonus Infomation: the correct way to read Nikon(ニコン) is  Nee-kon not Neye-kon 
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