Blast your Ear Out in MRT or Not? Kaboom!

Last Revised: Saturday, January 12, 2013


Beethoven's ear trumpets horns funnels
Beethoven's ear trumpets horns funnels 
Are you one of those annoying people in the MRT who blasts music on earphones.  Yes this is an interesting topic that was being raised again and again and we all know the reason why..  What is even more very fascinating is to see people taking pictures of those "music blaster" and posting them on STOMP? should you just tell them off..

Handy Dandy Notebook
Whatever it is blasting music in your ear will only damage your hearing ability.
If you induced loud noise frequently to your ear it will cause the hair cells in the cochlea to degenerate and may cause permanent damage to your ear.. Unless you want to end up being like Beethoven? People had to communicate with him via writing on his notebook (oh is noteBook again). or would you like to use dee ear trumpets for the rest of your life..

Perhaps I might also need them as my hearing indeed have alittle bit of problem.. I read that exposure to sound of loud explosion may lead to permanent hearing loss..:P

Fear not! Scientist from Massachusetts Eye and Ear and Harvard Medical School have recently successfully developed a technique that enables the hair cells to regenerate. Coupling the drug with stem cells obtained from the ear, they injected it into the cochlea region. The stem cells will differentiate turning into hair cells. Thus causing the hearing to be restored.

But! dont be too happy ... this has only been tested on the mice only..

of course if you are interested in the original publication you can always find out more at Neuron

Is always good to know about the latest development in medical science don't ya agree with me?

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