What is Aeolian Wind Harp? God plays harp music for you

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U shaped lyre Harp
Lyre Harp 
So what is this Aeolian Wind harp? I only know what is korean's bibimbap 

Aeolian harp is named after Greek God Aeolus, the god keeper of wind. No one is suppose to play this harp, thy Aeolus will play it for you. What I meant is let the wind play the harp for you. This is an old instrument and it became very popular during the romantic period. Even Robert Schumann referenced one of Chopins' Etude as Aeolian Harp (Etude Op. 25, No.1).

Lets hear how the harp sound before we move on to the physics of how it works.
Below is a video of Stan Hershonik showing you the different aeolian harps crafted by him.

You can check out Stan Hershonik site at aeolian harp .com. I especially like the Morta harp, a coffin with skeleton in it accompanied by the eerie sound made by the nylon strings.

Now Some of you might be curious and wonder how moving air can cause the strings to sound. 

The Science Part
The physics behind it is actually known as Karman street effect. As fluid move (in this case air) across the cylindrical body (strings) swirling vortices will be formed with this alternating motions it then cause the strings on the harp to vibrate. Cool right lol.

So we now know that when air travels through a blunt round object it will cause resonation.
Therefore a normal harp can also have the same effect if we put it in a windy place.

Lets enjoy a video of wind playing the beautiful harp.

Durian Opened by Simon Ooh

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