List of Gangnam Style Parodies by Singaporeans

Last Revised: Sunday, December 23, 2012


Psy Gangman Style
Psy's Gangnam Style
On friday 21st Dec Gangnam Style had hit 1 billion views on youtube. He has yet again make another mark on music history. I was walking around the mall yesterday, strangely indeed people never get tired of Gangnam Style.. MTV was being played on the TV displays while the Uncles Aunties & Children have their eyes glued to the monitor screen.. what an interesting sight.

Even Psy himself cant explain the exact reason to why Gangnam Style is so appealing. And is it possible for him to replicate this phenomenon nobody knows?

Since everybody likes Gangnam why not I compile a list of Singapore Gangnam Style Parodies by our fellow Singaporeans.

Note: this list is Subject to change and are not ranked in any particular order! (you can request a parody video in the comment area if you have any in mind, help me to share around)

Exception This has got to be the last in my post see it and you'll know why.
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