Composer's Block Composer's nightmare

Last Revised: Tuesday, December 18, 2012


A wooden block with "Composer" written
Composer's Block
I am having composer's block now! In fact most creators have the same problems. Doesn't matter if you are a  Writers, artist or designer.. we all have this mental block. Even sometimes when I write my blog article my head becomes like a "block of wood".  (Ps: that picture on the left is not my portrait but the right is o.o)

It is annoying, ideas just wont come after pondering for hours and we often get frustrated with ourselves.

You feel like you've tried everything but nothing seems to work. Or have you? Have you really Tried everything?

One big mistake that we often make is to forget how to take a break (get our mind off).

Simon says, Good ideas don't come when you obligate yourself to it, so take a break!!

You are suppose to Listen to what simon says. Stop whatever you are doing.. is not going to help if you keep dwelling on it, you are only just wasting your time.

Best is try doing something different from what you are doing, like what i am doing now. Lets say you are a writer go listen to a music or may be do some painting. You may also wish to work on other projects first and then revisit it later. Any of them works fine so long as you can keep your mind off for a little while.

Share your methods with me on how you overcome mental block!
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