Chicken or Egg Question?

Last Revised: Sunday, December 9, 2012


Chicken Little Running
Chicken Little came first?

Chicken or egg : that is the question!

This egg and chicken problem has always been a dilemma...
There are several proven theories out there but we can never know which one are the real deal..
Even up till today the debates still continues...

Instead of boring you and going through all the records of debates.. I'll just jump straight into how I view this chicken egg thingy..

By the way my answer is chicken came first. Reason?

Im not in favour of evolution theory because I just cant make any sense out of it. Before it evolves to a full chicken what was the ancestor classified as?  bird or half-chicken? evolution don't just happen at instance.
Even if it was evolved from a bird.. My next question for you will be bird came first or bird egg came first ? we can just go on forever until we reach dinosaur and dino egg which is after the big bang... there will never be an answer to it...

So let me show you how I approach this question.
If you were the god. And you have created two worlds.
On one of the world you created chickens and on the other you only created eggs.
Which one do you think will thrive?

Of course the chickens.. Eggs wont hatch by themselves right.. they need to be incubated by the brooding parents..

So my conclusion is The chickens must have came first.

This is just my two cents. 
You are Welcome to write in and share your thoughts.

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